About AfriQSense

Why Us

We know in the past when you had a research project in Africa, you took a leap of faith. This will not be the case anymore.  With AfriQSense you will always be stepping into the light. Every step of your journey will be diligently mapped out. We encourage you to move from unpredictable leap of faith system to the believing and cognition concept we are offering by contacting us. See our full research services offer.  (Link to our research services)

Our mission is to provide you with a deep understanding of the Africa matters. We offer business, political, social, economic and religious insights based on true African people. Our process helps you to capture their feelings, altitude and opinions. Consequently, this enables you to map out opportunities that have been hidden for centuries.

You will not be kept in the dark anymore; we are your sustainable battery pack that keeps you going, enabling you to provide insights in every word you utter or type in your final reports.

This sounds supernatural isn’t it? It’ truly divine, don’t you think so? Think of Africa as horse that you have been dying to ride for a long time, but getting on its saddle has been impossible. Believe it now, that AfriQSense will hand you the helm, to ride as much as you want, while certainly enjoying it.

Our Mission

Mission Statement


We are committed to our clients business with the African people by authoritatively questioning the existing, unfounded myths and dogmas. Besides, our research processes are locally synchronized with the way of life of the people.  We religiously gather, provide and guard the authenticity and nativity of the results we give to our clients.  AfriQSense remains authentic, local and true to our clients and our people, while always, consistently and in a sustainable process meeting and exceeding our client’s research needs. Authenticity, Efficacy and Pride are integral parts of our article of faith.

Please note that our article of faith is our brad essence

Our Vision


AfriQSense will remain and grow as the best Africa Marketing and Social Research and preferred business Intelligence source for our clients. Our people partner and exceed any set expectations to all our stakeholders. We achieve this by offering highly dependable and authentic results that are accurate, precise, representative, practical, and useful to each of our client’s needs. We help our clients make sense of African Research, while remaining true to our people and the continent.

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