Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Is Africa one Country?

Answer:  Africa is not one country but a continent made of 55 countries. Click to see a complete list of African countries. Each country has its Head of State and a government.  As such Africa is not one huge market or country, but a continent but made of 55 Distinct Markets. Each country has its own Economy, Currency, Culture, Languages, and a Central Bank.

Question 2: Can one Research Agency carry out fieldwork across different countries or markets in Africa?

Answer: Yes, there are few Research Agencies like AfriQSense that can handle multi-countries research projects. This is so because we have a network of Affiliate Partners across Different Countries.

Question 3: When I contact and award a project to AfriQSense, do I need to deal with each of the Affiliate Partners in each of the Projects Countries?

Answer:  No, you do not deal with each affiliate member. Each of the country’s field teams is managed by our client service team. The client service team based in Nairobi handles day-to-day project tasks.

Simply put, once you award the project to AfriQSense, you will only deal with our dedicated client service team. This highly-trained client team will brief and update you on regular basis, either daily or weekly on what is happening in each of the countries the project covers.

The client service team will manage all aspects of the study in each individual market; Our clients do not have to worry about the goings of each individual country, which is why you contacted us in the first place; to give you peace of mind, shielding you the Challenges of a Multi Countries Project.

Question 4: Does AfriQSense help in sampling for each of the market?

Answer: Yes, we have Statistics on Population, Demographics, Economic, and other Social Indicators for all African countries. We provide all the necessary support to our clients once the project has been awarded. This helps us to draw the Sample Frame together with our clients to ensure that the study is as Representative of the Target Population as possible.

Question 5: Can I follow the fieldwork personally on the ground?

Answer: Yes, we encourage our clients to visit our field team in each different country.

Question 6:Does AfriQSense help clients to travel to different countries during the fieldwork period?

Answer: Yes we do. We give you the Invitation Letters from each country our clients want to visit, arrange travel and accommodation plans based on the fieldwork itinerary and accompany our clients to the field.

Question 7: How do you bill and in what currency. Am I billed for each country separately?

Answer: We bill centrally based on the project type, number of countries, and other cost factors. You just get one quote despite different countries. We offer detailed costs, broken down per task and other attributes.

Payment is by Bank Wire Transfer. We accept either USD or Euro. Upon commissioning, the client pays 50% upfront and 50% not later than 30 days after the work has been completed.

To pay in other currencies, contact us and we will advise accordingly.

Question 8: Does AfriQSense, sign confidential and other business agreements?

Answer: Yes we do, we do not take a project without signing these vital documents with our clients?

Please feel free to contact us with any further queries or concerns. We are more than willing to give as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision in your Africa’s next project