How to carry out marketing or social research in Nigeria

The eight steps of carrying out marketing and social research in Nigeria
The eight steps of carrying out marketing and social research in Nigeria

Why Nigeria

AfriQSense has over the years learned how to carry out marketing or social research in Nigeria. This because the country is a key location and therefore, ideal for social and marketing research. Compared to most of the other African countries, marketing and social research infrastructure are developed. Consequently, the country attracts a lot of researchers due to its cultural diversity and its uniqueness as Africa’s powerhouse.

This makes it West Africa’s largest economy and hence researchers targeting the region include it. Due to its large population, it’s a dream market for any business. Apart from its large economy and population the country is endowed with many natural resources including minerals, oil, and gas. Start familiarizing yourself by learning quick facts about Nigeria.

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Quick Facts about Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous and the continent’s economic powerhouse. The country’s biggest city and commercial hub is the seaport city of Lagos.

However, its capital city is centrally located; Abuja.  The country was once a British colony (Read more about the History of Nigeria). The country is home to about 250 ethnic groups. These ethnic groups speak over 500 languages. Nigeria’s northern part is predominantly Muslim, while the southern part is predominantly Christian.

The country’s three largest ethnic groups account for about 65% of the population based on CIA 2020 estimates. See the table below.

The table summarizes facts about Nigeria, important knowledge for anyone planning to do business or carry out research in the country.

Why contact AfriQSense for your marketing or social research project

AfriQSense is always carrying out either marketing or social research in Nigeria and over the years we have familiarized ourselves with this African Giant and the world’s middle-level power.

AfriQSense way of carrying out research in Nigeria

Below are the steps we follow when carrying out a project in this West African nation.

Once we get the brief from the client, we start communicating with local partners. We share the brief with them and together with the client we come up with the best methodology to follow. Assuming it’s a qualitative project which has Focus Groups we advise the client to ensure that Lagos, Kano,

Our 8 Step Process

The steps below apply for all countries we carry out research in Africa

  1. First, we will need to work out the objectives: We start with the overall objectives and drill down to specific objectives
  2. This will help us determine the best methodology as well as the target sample
  3. Once we have determined who will participate in the research, we will be able to determine how to reach the specific target and in what language
  4. If it’s a qualitative study we will develop the discussion guides while if it’s quantitative we will design the questionnaire. The data collection tools; guides and or questionnaires will be translated to the language ideal for the targeted sample.
  5. At the same time, we carry out sampling, identify the study location and primary sampling units.
  6. We will brief the project’s team including the client service, interviewers, and moderators in a two-day session in a central location. This ensures standardized training to help in reliable and consistent data.
  7. In most of our studies, face-to-face interviewing is done, online research is still in its early stage in Africa, unless for s very specific group of people. General population surveys are better done using face to face. This will ensure randomness. Unless otherwise stated, we use the mobile phone app to gather the data. We follow a strict quality control procedure. Read more about AfriQSense quality control.
  8. Once the fieldwork is over:
    1. If it’s qualitative, we transcribe, translate back to English/French the responses, analyze and write the report.
    1. . If it’s quantitative, we clean the data, code and translate it back to English/French at any open ends, analyze and write the report.

We share with the client the final report and repeat the same for the next project.


AfriQSense has the capability of carrying out marketing and social research in Nigeria. We have experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods including Focus Grou Discussions, In-depth interviews, ethnography, and surveys.

Contact us using the form below for research using the following tools

PAPI, SMS, CATI, IVR, CAPI, mobile web, mobile apps, face to face as well as mobile-based focus groups.

We have experience in Healthcare, Banking, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, among others.

Our team is experienced in Usage and Attitude, Segmentation studies, Product and Concept Testing, Pricing studies, Opinion Polling, Religious Studies, Monitoring and Evaluation, Mystery Shopping, among other types of research.

Feel free to contact us if you have any such projects and you would like us to partner. We ensure you we will give you the best and reliable data.

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