AfriQSense Types of Sampling

What is sampling? Sampling is a method which helps researchers save time and money through carefully selecting representative of a specific population. Sampling is common in surveys or quantitative research. With sampling, a marketing or a social researcher conveniently gets information about a population by only interviewing a small subset of the population. This way… Continue reading AfriQSense Types of Sampling

AfriQSense multi-countries research capability

AfriQSense Research and Insight Limited is a leading multi-countries research agency. We have partners across 54 countries in Africa. Our job is to ensure that marketing and social research projects in Africa are done with one single objective. This single minded philosophy is to provide accurate, precise, and insightful results to our treasured clients. When… Continue reading AfriQSense multi-countries research capability

What we do

We have the capacity to conduct large and simultaneous social and market research projects while adding value to our clients. Our range of service includes: Face to Face interviews In-depth interviews Focus Groups Discussions Telephone interviews Mobile phone interviews Online interviews Our team and partners have experience spanning across the following categories: Medical Manufacturing Retail… Continue reading What we do